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Call for Sessions and more about JSSCE 2018 (The 40th Conference of Japanese Society for the Study of Career Education)
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JSSCE 2018 (The 40th Conference of Japanese Society for the Study of Career Education) will be held on Dec 7-9 at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan
Jun 29, 2017
JSSCE 2017 Application for the Presentation is available: Word PDF
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Call for English Presentation Session is extended to July 9th
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JSSCE 2017 (The 39th Conference of Japanese Society for the Study of Career Education) will be held in Joetsu, Japan
May 18, 2017
2017 NYPI & ARACD international conference was held in Seoul, Korea
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Call for Papers & Participation is extended to March 31th
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ARACD International Conference 2017 in Seoul Website Open
Nov 12, 2016
Website Open



ARACD stands for Asian Regional Association for Career Development. It used to be known as ARAVEG or Asian Regional Association for Vocational and Educational Guidance which was organized in 1970 in Taiwan.

The organization is composed of organizations and individuals who are devoted to the practice of career guidance, counseling and development of people from all age groups. The association aims to promote the exchange of information, skills, and experiences among peoples who engaged in promoting career development in their respective Asian countries, to set up linkages between sector in one's country that can help in making the right career choice and implementing them; and to strengthen understanding and cooperation among career development practitioners of member countries.

The ARACD is affiliated with the IAEVG (the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance).


At present, individual members of the ARACD come from Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand. There are also been participants in the past ARAVEG regional conference coming from Brunei, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Vietnam.

The practice in ARACD is to elect countries as president, one president, and two vice president. The president country is expected to identify the organization that will organize the tri-annual regional conference and general assembly. If the president-country cannot organize the regional conference, for certain reasons, the first vice president then organizes the regional conference. If the first vice president country cannot able do so, the second vice president country takes over the responsibility to do this.


The Asian Regional Association for Vocational and Educational Guidance (ARAVEG) was organized in Taipei on November 12, 1970. In November 1997, the General Assembly in Taipei, unanimously voted to change the name of the association to Asian Regional Association for Career Development (ARACD).

1970 - Taiwan hosted the 1st ARAVEG Regional Conference and General Assembly in Taipei.

1974 - Japan hosted the 2nd ARAVEG Regional Conference and General Assembly in Tokyo. The Philippines was elected first Vice President Country.

1997 - The Philippines hosted the 3rd ARAVEG Regional Conference in Manila with the Philippines Vocational Guidance Association as sponsoring organization. The Philippines was elected President-Country and Malaysia 1st Vice President-country.

1980 - Malaysia hosted 4th ARAVEG Regional Conference and General Assembly in Kualalumpur with the Malaysian Vocational Guidance Association as sponsoring organization. Malaysia was elected President-country and Indonesia 1st vice president-country.

1983 - Indonesia hosted the 5th ARAVEG Regional Conference and general Assembly in Jakarta with the IKIP Jakarta and the Indonesia Guidance Association as sponsors. Indonesia was elected President-country and Thailand 1st vice president-country. However, Thailand failed to organize the 6th ARAVEG Regional Conference because no sponsoring organization could be found. So Indonesia was hold-over president-country until 1992.

1992 - Indonesia through the IKIP Bandung and the Indonesia Guidance Association hosted the 6th ARAVEG Regional Conference in Bandung. Japan accepted the ARAVEG presidency again and Taiwan the 1st vice-presidency.

1994 - Japan thru the Japan Career Guidance Association and the Japanese Society for the Study of Career Guidance hosted the 7th ARAVEG Conference and General Assembly held on May 19-21 in Tokyo. Taiwan was elected president-country,

1997 - Taiwan thru the Chinese Guidance Association hosted the 8th ARAVEG Conference in Taipei on November 27-29 1997. Singapore was elected the president-country to host the 9th ARAVEG Conference in 1999. During the General Assembly, the name of the association, ARAVEG, was changed to ARACD (Asian Regional Association for Career Development).

2001 - Singapore thru the Singapore Professional Centre, Ministry of Education Singapore, and HQ Link PTE Ltd. hosted 9th ARACD Conference held on March 11-13 2001 in RELC International Hotel, Singapore. Indonesia was elected as 1st vice president-country and to host the 10th ARACD Conference.

2013 - After postponed 12 years, Indonesia thru Universitas PGRI Adibuana Surabaya, STKIP (College of Education) Garut, and ABKIN (Indonesia Guidance and Counseling Association), hosted the ARACD Conference held on July 6-7, 2013 in Equator Hotel Surabaya, East Java. Indonesia was elected the president-country. Board of ARACD (2013-2015): President: Prof. Dr. H. Mohamad Surya (Indonesia), 1st Vice President: Prof. Takao Mimura (Japan), 2nd Vice President: Drs, Sutiono MM (Indonesia, Executive Director: DR. Hartono (Indonesia).

2015 - Japan hosted the 11th ARACD Conference in Tokyo on September 18 through JILPT (the Japan Institute for Labor Policy and Training) in conjunction with the IAEVG Conference. Board of ARACD (2015-2017): President: Prof. Takao Mimura (Japan), 1st Vice President: Kim, Hyuncheol (National Youth Policy Institute: Korea), 2nd Vice President: Drs, Sutiono MM (Indonesia), Executive Director: Dr. Atsushi Okabe (Japan).

2017 - Korea hosted the 12th ARACD Conference in Seoul on May 17-18 through NYPI (National Youth Policy Institute).


Executive Committee of ARACD was founded in 1970.
Current members (as of January 1, 2016) are as follows:

Kim, Hyuncheol (Korea): Senior Research Fellow, NYPI (National Youth Policy Institute)

Vice President
Takao Mimura (Japan): Professor, Graduate School of Teacher Education, Waseda University
Steven Eric Krauss, Ph.D. (Malaysia): Associate Professor, Faculty of Educational Studies, University Putra Malaysiay

Board of Directors
Mantak Yuen, Ph.D. (Hong Kong China): Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, The University of Hong Kong / Director, Centre for Advancement in Inclusive and Special Education

Raza Abbas (Pakistan): Chief Executive Officer, Pathway Global Career Institute

Hsiu-Lan Shelley Tien, Ph.D. (Taiwan): Professor, National Taiwan Normal University / Past-President, Asia Pacific Career Development Association

Salim Atay (Turkey): Associate Professor, Istanbul Technical University / President of Career and Talent Management Association

Saeid Safaei Movahhed, Ph.D. (Iran): Assistant Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction Faculty of Psychology and Education, University of Tehran

Maryam Behnoodi (Iran): Assistant Professor, Tehran University / Counselor, Tehran University Clinic

Steven Krauss, Ph.D. (Malaysia): Research Fellow, Youth Social Health and Well-Being Laboratory Institute for Social Science Studies (IPSAS), Universiti Putra Malaysia

Teruyuki Fujita, Ph.D. (Japan): Professor, Tsukuba University

Tomotsugu Kawasaki (Japan): Professor, Kansai University

TAN Soo Yin, Ph.D. (Singapore): Assistant Dean (Student Development & Diploma Program), National Institute of Education (NIE)

Executive Director
Atsushi Okabe, Ph.D. (Japan): Assistant Professor, Sapporo Otani University

Tetsuo Kyomen, Ph.D. (Japan): Lecturer, Aichi University of Education

Akihiko Ieshima (Japan): Associate professor, Osaka University

Specially Appointed Consultant
Darryl Takizo Yagi (USA): Ex-President of California Counseling Association

Lui Hah Wah Elena (Singapore): Ex-President of ARACD

Mohamad Surya, Ph.D. (Indonesia): Professor, Indonesia University of Education / Ex-President of ARACD

Hideo Shimomura, Ph.D. (Japan): Senior Researcher, Japan Institute of Labour Policy and Training (JILPT)

Shin'ichi Hagiwara (Japan): Executive Director, Japan Career Guidance Association


You can become a member of ARACD. Dues are $20 annually.

Application Form

The secretariat of ARACD is Sapporo Otani University.
1-1, East 9, North 16, Higashi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 065-8567, Japan

Contact Person
Atsushi Okabe (Ph.D.)
Assistant Professor,
Faculty of Sociology, Sapporo Otani University
Phone: +81-11-742-1965



1-1, East 9, North 16, Higashi-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 065-8567, Japan Phone: +81-11-742-1965 E-mail: